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Welcome to This is my way of allowing friends, family, and fans to keep up with what is going on in my life. I decided to do so after a friend informed me that the internet actually had uses other than viewing pornography. Who would have thought? Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it.

Disclaimer: Trey Houston takes no responsibility for anything on this site. Any illegal activities were mentioned solely for entertainment purposes and  probably did not or will not happen.


Bellator 78

Just wanted to let everyone know that my next fight is October 26th in Dayton, OH for Bellator. It will be broadcast on MTV2.

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Bellator 61

My next fight is March 16th in Bossier City, Louisiana against Jeremiah Riggs. I’ll be on the undercard but you can watch it live on

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XFN 5 November 18th

My next fight has been signed for November 18th. It will take place at “The Joint” event center in the Hard rock hotel and casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My opponent is still being determined but I will keep everyone updated. If you are interested in purchasing tickets then contact me at

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The following is a post on an MMA forum about me going to the Ultimate Fighter tryouts a week before my fight. The first bit was my opponent’s trainer, and the second portion is my response to him. By the time I got on there had been several pages of comments already and Mr. Summers did not seem to be in a very good mood. I will unclude a link to the entire thread at the bottom of the page.

“Well we’ll have to see if Trey will steamroll Brandon Lyons…but won’t IMO..also with all the TUF tryouts and everything tell you he is either umderestimating Brandon or with all the pressure of ‘tryin out for TUF’ or maybe both…don’t see Trey winning this fight Nov.12th…”

Mr. Summers,

I truly appreciate your concern for my well being come the fight on the 12th. Now that you have brought it to my attention that  pursuing any activities outside of the gym (even be they directly related to fighting) results in  a clear understimation of my opponent; I will not be leaving the gym. I am withdrawing from school for the remainder of the semester and have locked myself in the gym. I have placed a bucket in South-West corner of the building and ihave designated it as the human waste corner. This has worked out well because the smell has attracted rats and bugs which I am now able to catch and eat to fuel my  body for the intense training regiment. Chasing rats has also greatly improved my speed and endurance. In the South-East corner I have set up a small Everlast bag where I practice flawless ground and pound. I got the idea via your Myspace page ( In the North-West corner I have placed my newly purchased shake weight. I believe it will take my strength to a level that I previously thought to only be attainable by the demi-gods known as “country folk.” In the North-East corner I have arranged my comfort blanket and vast stuffed animal collection in a kind of nest. This is where I will allow my body to rest after no less than 10 minute shake weight sessions. I believe that all of these things combined will make me an unstoppable force come the 12th. Although I did not consider how I will get out of the gym to make it to the fight. I will probably call the fire department to come let me out but I am not sure if they will come as i harrass them quite alot because I find them very handsome and they make me feel funy inside. You were spot on with my underestimation of the pressures that come with trying out for TUF. The 3 hour wait, 2 minutes of grappling, 2 minutes of mitt work, and a 3 minute interview sent me into a panic attack. The EMT’s came and resuscitated me so it all worked out, although I am wondering if it might have hurt my chances of making the show. I am hoping to be fully recovered emotionally come fight time. I saw an advertisment on late night T.V. for pretty girls that wanted to talk to me so I have been calling and talking to them for several hours each night. They are very nice and listen to what a psychological toll the whole experience had on me. I think with their help I will be over the fiasco soon. Thanks again for pointing all of these things out to me. You have truly made an impact upon my life and to help a stranger out of merely the kindness of your heart., is a true testament to your character.
Yours always and forever,
Trey Houston


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San Antonio part 2

The second week into training I finally started to adjust to the heat a bit and not feel like I was going to pass out 5 minutes into training. I have gotten used to the gi some and think I will add it to my training regime when I return home despite the fact that I am less talented in it and hurts my ego some. The other fighters down here are great. Several really talented guys that I am sure I’ll be seeing in the future. A rep from Konjo gear tried to question my methods of training when the first time she called I was playing call of duty with some kids and the second time I waschopping down a tree for the head trainer Jamie Miller. I told her that we were trying a karate kid-esque style of training. With the video games, I was working on my reflexes and battle tactics. When it came to the tree I tried to make the argument that it was more psychological geared training. It showed you that it was possible to overcome the forces of nature with a combination of mind and power. No man is physically strong enough to take down a full grown tree. But you use human ingenuity and invent a tool like the ax. Then use power and proper technique, and ill be damned if that tree isn’t going to come toppling down; blisters be damned. I’m not sure if she bought into my argument or not.

I went out a couple times while I was in San Antonio and tried to immerse myself within the culture of the city. I saw the Alamo, and had a drink at the bar where Teddy Roosevelt recruited the rough riders, and I floated the river that runs through the city, and went out several nights. One night when I went out, I later found discovered that I was on a very rich side of town. One of the people that I stayed with refereed to the bar as a “Yuppie Bar” after I told him were I went. While I was there I approached a group of people sitting at a table and started talking to them. My attention was geared towards one of the girls who I thought was attractive. After a short while I realized that this was not a person that I would ever normally want to talk to but she was very good looking so I was trying to tolerate it. She had been rambling on to me for a little bit now while I half listened, and I heard her say something about how she ran several miles each day as I played brick-breaker on my phone. She said that this kept her grounded. I looked up from my phone and said “Running prevents any friction between the ionized water molecules in your body?” She tilted her head in a way that reminded me of my basset hound and said a long drawn out “What?” Now everyone at the table was looking at me. I repeated my statement. “You said it kept you grounded. So that means there no friction between the the particles in your body. There isn’t a continuous pathway for the current to travel. I was just kinda being a smart-ass.” Here next statement blew my mind. She said “You mean like when you get in trouble with your parents?” In my head I am thinking that this has to be some sort of a joke but everyone at the table is looking at me waiting for my response. In that moment I decided that I was way to tired to handle the situation. I got up out of my chair as I mumbled to myself about being in way over my head and I turned and went back to the couchsurfer’s house that I was staying at. I told him the story and we had a good laugh and played call of duty to work on battle tactics.

The guy that I stayed with on the second half of the trip was an electrical engineer and he had two roommates in the house as well. They had a neighbor who constantly just showed up at the house. They liked to refer to him as Kramer and seemed to really enjoy the dynamic. He was a very cool guy but the fact that they could relate him to a popular figure seemed to heighten their affection towards him which is common among our culture. This has always seemed bizarre to me. A couple can hate each other yet will refuse to end it because some dumb ass they barely knew once told them that they reminded her of Monica and Chandler Bing. Anyways, this Kramer figure had his liquor license in Texas. He catered to weddings and private events. Apparently in Texas it is illegal for the buyers to keep any excess alcohol that is left over from the event so Kramer just takes the alcohol home. His garage had close to 10 kegs in it and his cabinets were filled up with bottles of liquor. I don’t know if the law is the same in Oklahoma but I feel it is something I need to look into.

On the last day that I was in San Antonio a friend from Tulsa called me and asked me if I missed home. I thought about it for a little bit and was surprised to find that there were specific individuals that I missed but I never really thought about home in particular. We are conditioned to the idea that you always have to miss home and my friend thought it was strange that I said I did not. After hanging up with him I put more thought into it. What I ended up settling on was that I had an alternative view on the idea of a home. My friend was seeing home for what it was in terms of its physically properties. For the walls, the roof, and for all of the personal possessions that they contain. While I was seeing home for what it meant. A place to remove the mask you typically hide behind. A place of comfort and security. I think that as long as I am around adventurous and genuinely good people like Jamie Miller, Patrick Howard, Libba porter and everyone else that I met during my time in San Antonio; then I will never be able to leave home.

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